Marvel’s Midnight Suns All Ebony Locations

Unrequited Love!

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a turn-based game, developed by Firaxis. There are a lot of puzzles and misteries to discover in this game so some trophy hunters will love to track and earn all the trophies related to this game. In the list below you’ll find Marvel’s Midnight Suns All Ebony Locations that will help you get the Unrequited Love trophy.

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Who’s Ebony?

Ebony Maw is a member of the Black Order in the Marvel comics universe and has also appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as a servant of Thanos. So Ebony “The Cat” is probably related to that.

Ebony All Locations

If you want to get the Unrequited Love trophy you must pet Ebony on 4 different days and since it doesn’t show you on the map where Ebony is at that time, you’ll need to find it by yourself. However, you can check the following spots for Marvel’s Midnight Suns All Ebony Locations:

  • Library: Toward the back, near a couch
  • In the Chapel
  • In The Shop
  • Near Agatha’s Shrine
  • Near Agatha’s Altar
  • Near the Standing Stones
  • Lilith’s Garden: Inside the greenhouse next to the statue
  • Near Hunter’s Folly
  • Caretaker’s Room: Visible right as you enter
  • In the Common Room, next to the couch by the TV
  • During the Birthday Party story event
  • During the Team Meeting story event on an out-of-reach pillar, although it does not appear as though the player can interact with Ebony at this time
  • In the Whispering Wood, next to the altar with the Air Rod

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