Location of Astegon in Palworld

In just a few days Palworld became a sales success, unofficially known as the “Pokemon with guns” game, they are at the moment 135 Pals with different specs for any type of job. One big addition to your base will be the Astegon, this Dark Dragon can be a powerful flying mount, and it has level 4 of Work Sustainability, which makes it an excellent miner for your base. Check here how to get the Astegon in Palworld.

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palworld Astegon

Where to find the Astegon in Palworld

The Astegon spawns in two places on the Palworld map, it’s a Dark Dragon type so make sure you have Pals of Ice or Dragon type in your team for the fight.

It can be found at No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary, this place is an Island northeast of the Glacier area, so you will need a flying mount to reach the place, you can find him roaming around the area. Be aware that the island is full of enemies at least level 40 and as soon as you put a foot on land you get an “illegal activity underway” message, which means that if you get spotted, you become Wanted.

The other location is in Destroyed Mineshaft located in the volcanic area, South on the map, the coordinates are -576, -421. The entrance for the Destroyed Mineshaft can be a little trick to find so keep your eyes open, its near the Mount Obsidian fast travel point.