Important CS:GO Console Commands

In this article you will find out a few important CS:GO Console Commands to put in your console that can help you in-game!

fps_max 0

This command is important because it takes off a cap that u have on your fps, so it can run your pc’s maximum performance!


This command allows you to see all the map on the radar instaed of seeing only the part on the map close to you!

cl_use_opens_by_menu 0

This command unbind the default bind (E) to open the buy menu! Have you ever gone pick up a gun in freeze time and it opened your menu? Not anymore!

voice_scale 0.3

Putting this command in your console will lower your teammate’s voice volume! Its usefull if you dont want to mute a guy but want to lower his volume!


Wanna stop watching those Valve intro’s? So use this command! Not only that, since it saves you a few seconds when opening a new map!

voice_enable 0

Are you tired of listening to your teammates? Put this command in console and it will mute everyone!

net_graph 1

This command will put a table on your screen, informing you about your ping, packet loss, fps, and other usefull stuff! You can disable it by setting it to 0.


This one is similar to the last one, but will only show the fps on the top left of your screen!


This allows you to open your .cfg file in-game! Note that you need to type this one everytime you open the game

Now lets go for the most important commands in private servers!

sv_cheats 1

You gotta type this to allow other commands to be typed!

sv_infinite_ammo 1

This command will make everyone on your private server with infinite ammo! Exactly as the command says


This one kicks every bot that starts in the server with you!

mp_roundtime_defuse 60

It makes the time of a round be 60 minutes, so you can practice your nades and other stuff!

mp_buytime 9999

With this command you can buy at any time you want on the private server

mp_buy_anywhere 1

This one will allow you to buy from the buy menu everywhere you want!


It will end the warmup to start the game!

mp_restartgame 1

This one will restart your private server!

Note: All the private server’s commands can only be changed by the party leader!

So this were the Important CS:GO Console Commands ! We hope you liked the article and we hope you check our other articles about many other different games!