How to launch a Nuke in Warzone 2

You can blow up the entire Al Mazrah with a Nuke, and get the victory

What was initially a rumor turned out to be true a few days after launch. Players can detonate a Nuke in Al Mazrah, killing all opponents in-game and winning the Warzone 2 match. Works like the old Tactical Nuke killstreak in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer, but will don’t have visible consequences in the next matches.

If you are interested in trying to trigger Armageddon in Warzone 2 we show here the steps. But we warn you now, is everything less than easy, requires you to win multiple matches and complete the Champion’s Quest.

Nuke in Warzone 2

How to get the Warzone 2 Nuke?

Obliterating all players with a Nuke in Warzone 2 takes a lot of effort. The truth is that it’s only reachable to pro players with good teamwork. We don’t say this to discourage you, but the first step is to win 5 matches in a row, so …

Below leave a summary of all the steps:

  1. Win five Warzone 2 matches in a row;
  2. Start the Champion’s Quest contract in the sixth match;
  3. Find and collect all three nuclear elements;
  4. Stay alive until the bomb site appear;
  5. Use the three nuclear elements to arm the Nuke;
  6. Defend the bomb for 2 minutes until detonation.

As you can see you have a long journey ahead of you. The first step is one of the most difficult. You need to secure 5 consecutive wins in the Battle Royale, one loss and you’ll have to reset your progress. To increase your chances of winning check also the best drop spots in Warzone 2.0.

After achieving the fifth win in the next match the Champion’s Quest is available and is marked on the map with a golden WZ icon.

The first step on the quest is to collect three nuke components, Tritium, Beryllium, and Plutonium. They are placed in random locations on Warzone 2 map and other players can take these elements from you. Each element triggers an effect as soon was been collected, they are:

  • Tritium – scrambles the radar.
  • Beryllium – you are marked on the map with a big golden crown, for all players.
  • Plutonium – causes radiation damage.

With all three nuclear elements collected the next contract phase begins. You need to wait for the bomb site to show up on the map, she will be dropped from a passing plane. Go to the location and deposit all three nuclear elements.

Finally, arm Nuke to start a 2 minute countdown, and defend him from rival players. When the clock runs out your screen will flash white and the match will end. Congratulations, the victory is yours.