Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot Guide

How to solve the Hippogriff statue puzzle

The Hogwarts Legacy has so many puzzles that some are almost in the same place. One of them is The Hippogriff Marks The Spot side quest which requires players to decipher a map to find the location and solve the puzzle. This quest will send you to Henrietta’s Hideaway, where another quest takes place, the Solved by the Bell. But that is in another post, now check our guide for Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot quest.

First, be aware, you will encounter some enemies so be prepared to fight. And the spells Incendio, Glacius, and Accio or Wingardium Leviosa are required in order to progress through this quest.

How to start The Hippogriff Marks The Spot

Hogwarts Legacy map

To start this quest first you need to collect the map, which can be found in the Poidsear Coast area of the World Map, at the southern end. The place is inside the bandit camp, you’ll find the map on a table next to a chest, inside a tent. Henrietta’s map shows the location and also the puzzle solution.

How to solve The Hippogriff Marks The Spot puzzle

The next and final place is it is located in a dungeon, southwest on the map, in Henrietta’s Hideaway. The entrance is on the East side below Merlins Trial, go down the stairs to find the door.

Hogwarts Legacy map

You need to solve a mini-puzzle in the first room to proceed. Use Incendio on the statue to your left to reveal a cube. Now with Accio or Windardium Levioso move the cube onto the pedestal on the left side of another cube already placed. Finally, cast Incendio on the left cube and Glacius on the right cube and a door will open.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot

After entering you will come to a room with the Hippogriff statue at the center and some Ashwinders you need to defeat first.

The puzzle is very straightforward, around the statue are some braziers, and you need to light up four like shown on Henrietta’s map. Use Confringo to light a brazier and Glacius to put a brazier out. Once is done a secret door will open in the wall behind the Hippogriff statue, where is the chest to loot and finish this side quest.

Hogwarts Legacy The Hippogriff Marks The Spot map

Now, as e said earlier this is the same place for another side quest, continue through this dungeon to start the Solved by the Bell in Hogwarts Legacy.