Hogwarts Legacy All Balloons Locations

Where to find all Balloons

Hogwarts Legacy has a vast open world full of side activities to players spend their time. In this type of game, what can not miss are the collectibles, and they are some like the Landing Platforms. In this guide will show all Hogwarts Legacy Balloons locations.

In your first hours in the game, you may have noticed some floating balloons, they are collectibles. You need to pop them by flying through them on the broom.

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Hogwarts Legacy Here to find all balloons

All 32 Balloons Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

In total, they are 32 locations with floating balloons in Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, in each of the locations, there are 5 balloons that have to be popped, by flying against them.

To start this journey of destroying the Balloons you first need to be able to fly on a broom. The groups of balloons are scattered across the region of Hogwarts.

Bellow, we leave the map with all locations, don’t forget, they are 5 balloons in each place.

Hogwarts Legacy Balloons locations
Hogwart Legacy map
Hogwarts Legacy map