GTA V (5) Spaceship Parts Locations map

Where to find all Spaceship Parts in GTA V

Here is another guide to help you find collectibles in GTA V, this is one of the requirements to complete the game 100% and thus unlock some Easter Eggs from the game related to UFOs and Big-Foot.

In addition to the 50 Spaceship Fragments, it is also necessary to collect the 50 letter scraps to complete GTA 5.

These collectibles are available after one of Franklin’s Strange and Crazy missions, in the desert we will find a lunatic who claims to have had contact with the aliens, he will entrust us with the task of collecting the 50 parts of the ship. Once we have collected all of them we will meet you again and we will have a surprise.

Locations of Spaceship Parts in GTA 5

Below is a map with all numbered locations. The spaceship parts emit a characteristic sound that increases as we get closer.

gta v 5 spaceship parts location map

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