Grappling Hook location in Green Hell

In Green Hell, you will have to explore the Amazon jungle for resources to survive. However, there are places that you can only access if you have a grappling hook. It’s an essential tool to progress but as this is a survival game so you don’t have waypoints to follow or any type of help. See here where to find a Grappling Hook in Green Hell.

How to find the Grappling Hook in Green Hell

The Grappling Hook is only found in one location, however, this changes depending on the game mode you are playing, Story Mode, or Survival Mode. Before setting out on the path, prepare yourself, you will encounter several dangers along the way, including unfriendly animals and tribal humans.

Grappling Hook location in Green Hell

The first place you need to go is to an Overturned Jeep located at 44W, 17S (1). You will find him lying in a dry riverbed. If you are playing in survival mode the grappling hook is here, just collect it. On Story Mode, you need to move to another location but first pick up the red fuel can, you need that further. You will also find some interesting items in the Jeep, take advantage of the opportunity while you are there.

Now, with the fuel move East to find the Illegal Gold Mine at 40W, 14S (2). Eventually, you’ll reach a cliff that overlooks a large area, follow by the right, and look for a cave. Enter and you find an elevator out of service, that’s why you need the fuel, refuel the generator, and you can now descend on the elevator. Follow the path to the Illegal Mine and the grappling hook is waiting for you on a bench inside one of the shacks.

This is all there is to know about the Grappling Hook location in Green Hell, don’t forget to check our other guides to help you survive in the Amazon rain forest, like how to craft a Bone Needle in Green Hell.