How to Craft a Bone Needle in Green Hell

Green Hell is a ruthless survival game set in the Amazon rainforest, where death is always lurking. Among the many deadly dangers, one of the most annoying is the parasitic worms that get under your skin and slowly drive you crazy. It’s essential to get rid of worms as soon as possible but for that, you need a Bone Needle, fortunately is nothing too complicated to get. See here how to craft a Bone Needle to remove worms in Green Hell.

How to Make a Bone Needle in Green Hell

As the name suggests bone needles are made from bones. This is the main and only ingredient you need, and it doesn’t matter where it comes from. Collect bones from animal or human carcasses that you find on the ground. Alternatively, kill an animal or a tribal human yourself. Now that you have a bone in your inventory, select it and choose the “harvest” option, and that’s it, you get two bone needles for every bone.

To remove a worm from your body, take a needle from your backpack and carefully use it to extract the worm. After removing the worm, it’s crucial to bandage the affected area to prevent infection. An Ash Dressing or Leaf Bandage is recommended for this purpose. If you feel weak or unwell, make sure to have something to eat and drink to replenish your energy levels. The best thing is to try to keep these worms out of your body, so avoid sleeping on the ground.

This is all there is to know about all the Bone Needle in Green Hell, don’t forget to check our other guides to help you survive in this tropical jungle. If you want to make things easier or simply have fun and create unusual situations check here the Cheats for the game.