FIFA 23 Best Players to Snipe

Profit for all…

There are a lot of players in the FIFA 23 to buy but only a few worth to snipe so we bring to you FIFA 23 Best Players to Snipe. Please be aware that all prices will eventually change overtime but the players will always be great for sniping.

FIFA 23 Best Sniping Filters

If you want to also check which Sniping Filters you should be using to find more players check our guide FIFA 23 Best Sniping Filters. If you like to good for specific players try the following list that we compiled for the FIFA 23 Best Players to Snipe.

#1 – Julian Alvaréz

fifa julian alvarez

Argetinian player, playing for city and for some people will be the next “Aguero”. There’s a lot of hype around him so join the party and make profit with it. As for now you can probably buy him between 3300/3400 and sell for 4000 coins.

#2 – Bruno Guimarães

fifa bruno guimaraes

Bruno Guimarães is a go to if you want to start doing some SBC’s. Brazilian playing in Premier League is a must for traders. At the moment you can probably sell him around 2200 coins.

#3 – Nacho Hernandez

fifa nacho hernandez

Premier League can be competitive when trading so there’s also good alternatives like Nacho. Selling for 1400 coins, 82 overall and since he’s spanish people will always need him for a starter squad of even for some SBC’s.

#4 – Fabián

fifa fabian

Another spanish player but this time playing in Ligue1. Great combination because he has great nationality and league for building chemistry. You can sell him for around 2800 coins.

#5 – Martial

fifa martial

Martial will probably be in a lot of starter squads and since he’s a french player in Premier League you’ll always profit with him. At the moment you can sell him for 3000 coins.

These are our picks but if you want you can always follow our Discord and talk with our community.