Destiny 2 Warlock Strand build with Osteo Striga

Take advantage of Strand and Osteo Striga to create a powerful build for your Warlock

Destiny 2 Lightfall brings the new Strand subclass to Titans, Hunters, and Warlocks. Strand opens new possibilities for powerful builds for both PvP and PvE. Here we focus on a Warlock Strand build featuring the Osteo Striga and Necrotic Grips.

With this Strand build, you consume your grenade to activate the Weaver’s Trance for 25 seconds. During that period enemies killed create an explosion that suspends enemies nearby. At the same time, the Osteo Striga and your melee will spread poison to your targets that deal damage over time. When they die the effect is spread to anyone nearby. This is a lethal combination that allows you to clear entire rooms in no time with your Warlock.

destiny 2 warlock strand build

Warlock Strand Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


Class Ability – Healing Rift

Melee Ability – Arcane Needle

Grenade Ability – Shackle Grenade


Mindspun Invocation – This gives enhanced functionality to your Shackle Grenade, when you consume her activate Weaver’s Trance. Final blows while Weaver’s Trance is active create a suspending detonation.

Weaver’s Call – Cast your Rift to weave three Threadlings and deploy any Threadlings you have perched.


Thread of Mind – Defeating suspended targets grants class ability energy.

Thread of Generation – Generates grenade energy when dealing damage.

Thread of Continuity – Increase the duration of Suspend, unravel, and sever effects.

Thread of Warding – Picking up an Orb of Power grants Woven Mail.

Recommended Exotics

This Strand Warlock Build has two key elements, the exotic SMG Osteo Striga and the exotic arms Necrotic Grips. Those together have a great synergy that amplifies the poison effect on targets.

Osteo Striga fires toxic projectiles that track enemies. Final blows or hitting the opponents with multiple precision hits will trigger a toxic explosion that will affect targets nearby applying a poison effect that deals damage over time.

Necrotic Grips poison opponents hit by your melee, in this case, the Arcane Needle, dealing damage over time. When an affected opponent dies creates an explosion that spread the poison to other nearby targets. If these targets also die the poison spread again, so you can create a chain effect that can clear entire rooms.

Recommended Mods for Warlock Build

Increase Resilience to increase survivability and Discipline to make sure you always have Shackle Grenade available, the ideal is 100 for both stats.


  • Kinect Siphon (2x)

Arms (Necrotic Grips)

  • Impact Induction
  • Focusing Strike
  • Font of Vigor


  • Font of Endurance
  • Concussive Dampener


  • Kinetic Weapon Surge (2x)
  • Recuperation


  • Bomber (2x)
  • Distribution