Destiny 2 New Exotics 2023

There are 7 wonders and 7 new exotics!

Ok so Bungie just dropped a new video with Destiny 2 New Exotics for 2023 that will be available with the Lightfall Expansion launch! Don’t forget to check our Discord!

Destiny 2 Gear Trailer

If you didn’t check already, you can watch the video right here:

Destiny 2 Exotics List

At the moment these are the Destiny 2 New Exotics for 2023 that you can expect:

  • Final Warning (Strand sidearm): has “charged tracking rounds” that automatically target nearby enemies
  • Deterministic Chaos (Void machine gun): uses “rhythmic debuffs” to weaken enemies on the 4th shot and grant volatile rounds on the 16th shot.
  • Winterbite (Stasis glaive): “freezes enemies with frost orbs” that appear to be able to spawn both turrets and bombs.
  • Quicksilver Storm (kinetic auto rifle): catalyst makes grenades create Strand “tangles on kills” and also seems to add Strand elemental affinity to normal shots.
  • Abeyant Leap (Titan legs): Strand “barricade spawns additional lashes” that tie up enemies.
  • Swarmers (Warlock legs): “destroying tangles spawns threadlings” that seem to target enemies like little magic spiders.
  • Cyrtararchne’s Façade (Hunter helmet): “grapple gives woven mail”, a defensive buff that grants flinch resistance.

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