Destiny 2 All Security Drones Locations

Where to find 50 Security Drones from Destiny 2 Season of the Seraph

The arrival of Season 19 to Destiny 2 brings a new set of content, including a brand-new collectible, the Security Drones. They are scattered across the Moon, Europa, and Mars, and it will take a little time to collect them all because there are 50 in total. This guide is for dedicated Guardians who want to earn a special Triumph. And also can unlock a mysterious door at Seraph Station.

How to destroy the Security Drones

All drones need to be destroyed but you may already have noticed that they don’t take damage from any source. The only weapon that can destroy them is the new Revision Zero. This new exotic pulse rifle from Destiny 2’s Season of the Seraph can be won on a seasonal quest. Don’t worry we made a guide on how to get the Revision Zero in Destiny 2.

50 Security Drones Locations in Destiny 2

The guardians will have a long journey ahead of them, in total there are 50 security drones spread across Europe, Mars, Moon and in OperationSeraph’s Shield. They are easy to spot as they are large yellow spherical.

Below you can check all the locations in the video on the Profane Gaming youtube channel.

As soon as you have collected all 50 security drones a secret door in Operation: Seraph’s Shield can now be unlocked. It’s located on the left-hand side of the room where you kill the first boss. Enter and progress through the rooms, passing by lasers, terminals, vents, and platforms … like the others rooms in this activity. You will need the Security Clearance and Tactical Armor modes upgrades. In the end, you unlock a new Triumph a get a little fun surprise.