Coral Island – Where to find Legendary Kelp

In Coral Island Crafting it’s an important part of this farming game. However, it is not always easy to find all the resources necessary for what we need, one that is particularly difficult to obtain is the Legendary Kelp. But probably the first time players hear about this resource is from a Millie quest, where she asks for some. Where you can see how to get Legendary Kelp on Coral Island.

Where to find Legendary Kelp Coral Island

How to get Legendary Kelp in Coral Island

This is a resource that is not available in any store, and in fact, you won’t find it anywhere on Coral Island because the official name for Legendary Kelp Essence is Osmium Kelp Essence. There are two main ways to get it.

The first and main one is by using the extractor, which can be crafted by using 20 Scrap, 20 Bronze Kelp, and 40 Wood, you need 10 Osmium Kelp, and 1 Glass to craft Osmium Kelp Essence, the process takes 36h.

The other way is by completing the Rare Resources Temple Offering, the reward for delivering all the resources is 5 Osmium Kelp Essence.