COD MW2 Best MCPR-300 Loadout

The best loadout for MCPR-300 sniper in Modern Warfare 2

If in Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer you prefer a more stealthy approach and eliminate opponents who don’t even know they’re in your sights, we have the ideal sniper for you. See the best MCPR-300 loadout in CoD MW2, complete with the best attachments, Perks, and equipment.

mw2 MCPR-300 loadout

Best MW2 MCPR-300 Loadout attachments

  • Barrel: 22″ OMX-456
  • Muzzle: Shred CP90
  • Rear Grip: Cronen Cheetah Grip
  • Stock: FSS Merc Stock
  • Magazine: 5-Round Mag

For the best MW2 MCPR-300 loadout you want the best range and accuracy you can get with this sniper. For that the barrel 22″ OMX-456 is essential, it improves bullet velocity, damage range, recoil control, and hip fire accuracy.

The FSS Merc Stock is the choice to get the best mobility with the gun. The Cronen Cheetah Grip improves your sprint-to-fire speed and your ADS speed. The 5-Round Mag also improves the gun’s mobility and handling.

Best MW2 MCPR-300 perks and equipment

  • Base Perk 1: Tracker
  • Base Perk 2: Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk: Fast Hands
  • Ultimate Perk: Quick Fix 
  • Lethal: Semtex 
  • Tactical: Stun Grenade

Follow your opponent’s footprints with Tracker and gain more resistance against the stun effects of grenades with Battle Hardened. You only have 5 rounds in the magazine so Fast Hands is good to reduce the reload times. For the ultimate perk, the choice is Quick Fix which immediately triggers health regeneration when you kill an opponent and also increases the health regeneration rate by capturing and holding objectives.

Finally, for equipment, Semtex is to deal some hefty damage, and Stun Grenade that’s perfect to use before entering a room or corridor.

How to Unlock MCPR-300 in CoD Modern Warfare 2

Good news, unlike other good weapons in Modern Warfare 2, you don’t need to do anything to get your hands on the MCPR-300 sniper. It is immediately available in the game, but do not forget that to create the best build you need to level it up to level 4 first. If snipers aren’t your style you might be interested in seeing the best loadout for FSS Hurricane SMG in Modern Warfare 2.