COD MW2 All Safe Codes and locations

Check all Modern Warfare 2 safe codes in the campaign

Cod MW2 safe codes

The multiplayer is the main attraction of COD. Usually, most players miss out on the single-player campaign. So this year Infinity Ward released the Modern Warfare 2 campaign one week earlier than the multiplayer. During the MW2 campaign missions, players will cross with Safes, They can be looted to get powerful weapons but a 6 digit code is needed to open it. If you are having difficulties in finding the combination where we show all MW2 Safe codes and also their locations and rewards they keep inside.

COD MW2 Safe Codes

In total are 3 the Safes scattered across Call of Duty MW2 campaign.

Safe 1 – El Sin Nombre

  • Location: In mission El Sin Nombre mansion, in Diego’s room.
  • Code: 02-02-19
  • Reward: Lockwood 300 Shotgun & Plate Carrier

Safe 2 – Alone

  • Location: Can be found in an abandoned cafe, in a locked room, you need a blade to pry open the door.
  • Code: 10-10-80
  • Reward: Silenced pistol & Throwing Knife

Safe 3 – Alone

  • Location: On the garage, very close to the second Safe.
  • Code: 37-60-80
  • Reward: Crossbow & Throwing Knife