COD MW2 Beta Calendar

Captain Price is back!

COD MW2 Beta Calendar is available with all the Beta access dates. Make sure to check if your platform belongs to each beta access and as far as we know this COD will be similar to the latest COD’s with crossgen and crossplay.

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This is the COD MW2 Beta Calendar:

Weekend One (Playstation Exclusive)

  • Sep 16-17 (Early Access – Playstation) – You have to pre-order COD MW2 to be able to play this early access.
  • Sep 18-20 (Open Beta – Playstation) – Open to all Playstation Players

Weekend Two (CrossPlay Beta)

  • Sep 22-23 (Early Access – Xbox + PC/Open Beta – Playstation) – You have to pre-order COD MW2 on Xbox or PC to be able to play this early access. Open to all Playstation players.
  • Sep 24-26 (Open Beta – All Platforms) – Open to all players.

Leveling Locked

During the first weekend you’ll only be able to level up your rank to 15 and level up some of the weapons like the M16 or M4. Make sure to level up the M4 because it’s already getting praised by the community and will probably be used a lot at Warzone. If you want to check your stats on Warzone check our tracker COD Warzone Tracker.

Game Modes

You’ll have access to some of the game modes like KnockOut, 3rd Person Mode, Team Deathmatch, Domination and Hostage.

Warzone 2.0

There are a lot of expectations with the new Warzone so testing COD multiplayer can be a good chance to understand some of the future mechanics and also to grind some of the weapons. A new map is on the works and you’ll probably need to train some new movement techniques like climbing and sliding since they’re both remaked.