Clash Royale Tips and Tricks

In this article you will find out Tips and Tricks for Clash Royale! It will help you reach atleast 5k trophies for sure!

Don’t let your elixir be on 10

This is a more basic one, don’t let you elixir stay on 10 if you’re playing against a cycle deck or even against any other type of deck! Always try to cycle your deck

In a battle save a card to counter another

For exemple, if your opponent is playing Logbait, don’t use your log in the princess, save it for the Goblin Barrel/ Skeleton Barrel! If you are playing lightning against a queen deck, focus on using it on the queen + tower or other troop!

Use your spells as win conditions when needed

If you just can’t reach the opponent’s tower, consider using your spell as win condition, start cycling fireball/rocket/lightning in his tower!

Try to always be on elixir advantage

Maybe the most important tip for the game, if you have elixir advantage you have control of the battle, you can control the pace!

Always use meta decks in challenges

Don’t forget that in most of challenges you can use every card in the game, so no need to use your upgraded cards! To see meta decks access clash royale only sites

Don’t overcommit!

Don’t overcommit! Don’t overcommit on an atack if you gonna lack on elixir for defense! Be careful with that!

These 5 were the basic tips that everyone should know, now let’s go for a few card tips

Few Card Tips

  • Fire Spirit + Skeleton well placed completely kills the goblin barrel!
  • If your playing ballon with freeze, save the freeze for the last seconds of the battle, so it can surprise your opponent!
  • If you are playing Hog Rider and your opponent has a contrution, outcycle him so you can get damage.
  • Use Ice Golem to distract troops such as Valkyrie, Pekka, Mini Pekka and others to thge other side of the arena.
  • You can use your tornado to activate king tower against almost any troop
  • When using miner, goblin barrel and goblin drill, make sure you throw them in different position during the battle,l so its harder to predict.
  • Use your Giant skeleton for defense and counter-pushes
  • When playing with royal hogs, make sure that in the early stages of the battle, you split them most of the time!

And These were all the tips for this article! Do you play hog rider? Check out this other article HERE