Best Hog Rider Decks In 2022

Here you will find out the Best Hog Rider decks in Clash Royale, in 2022! Pay attention that this is being posted in June, and if you are watching this 2/3 months later, it can be different! The stats are only above 7k Trophies.

Hog with IWiz Bats

This is a realy good deck against the top opposition! Its a fast Hog Rider cycle with Ice Wizard and Barbarians to defense! Also its a easy deck to play and learn! It has this year around 60% win rate!
Difficulty: 2/5

Hog 2.8 Cycle

This is a deck that was better in the early stages of 2022, before the earthquake and valk nerf, but its still a realy strong deck used in the top Ladder and Mid Ladder. This one is a bit harder to master the cycle!
Difficulty: 3/5

Hog GS

Hog Rider with Giant Skeleton is in opinion of many, the best Hog Rider deck with many other versions, but this version with the Queen, is the one with the most win rate of those! Not an easy deck to master, one of the hardest!

Hog 2.6

This one does not need an introdution.. the 2.6 Hog Cycle is still one of the best Hog decks in the game! Since 2018 that this deck has been in the top and is still a relevant deck! You can win against almost every opposition with this, but you can lose easily to everyone too! Not an easy deck!
Difficulty: 4/5

Honorable mention

We only included 1 version with Giant skeleton, but we gotta talk about this deck too! A deck that has been SUPER solid in 2022 so far and the only deck with Wizard that has been working recently!
Difficulty: 3/5

These are the best Hog Rider decks on 2022 so far! All of this have above 50% win rate this year, lets see if that keeps going!
Note: The decks are in a random order! Because it changes everytime, but these are the most solid decks for sure!