Bluescreen LMG Build The Division 2 Y5 S1

The Division 2 Year 5 Season 1 is here, and if you are looking for an LMG build to use this season you are in the right place. Check here a Bluescreen build for The Division 2 (2023). Don’t forget to also check our Reddit and other guides like the St Elmo’s Engine build.

This build is for the exotic Bluescreen but is also great for any other LMG you use. It’s focused on improving weapon damage and handling. For the skill is recommended to use the Pulse to match the Bluescreen talent. The NinjaBike exotic backpack will unlock one extra Gear Set Bonus for all gears equipped.

Bluescreen Build The Division 2

Bluescreen Build The Division 2 (2023)


Bluescreen – Disruptor Rounds:

Shooting an enemy marks them and adds a stack to the agent up to a count of 50. Shooting a marked enemy refreshes the mark and adds stacks to the agent. When you deploy a non-shield skill, remove all stacks on agent and all marked targets trigger an effect.

  • 1 -10 Stacks – Pulse marked targets for 5 seconds
  • 11 – 25 Stacks – Pulse and Disrupt marked targets for 5 seconds.
  • 26 – 49 Stacks – Pulse, Disrupt, and Disorient marked targets for 5 seconds.
  • 50 Stacks – Pulse, Disrupt, and Disorient marked targets and all hostiles within 10 meters of the marked targets for 5 seconds. This effect will trigger immediately if any marked enemy is killed.

Gear Set

3 Set (Mask, Holster, Kneepads) Striker’s Battlegear:

  • +15% Weapon Handling
  • +15% Fire Rate
  • Weapon hits increase total weapon damage by 0.65%, stacking up to 100 times. 1 stack lost per second between 0-50 stacks, 2 stacks lost per second between 50-100 stacks.

1 Set (Chest) Walker, Harris & Co:

  • +5% Weapon damage
  • +5% Damage to armor

NinjaBike Messenger Backpack:

  • Resourceful – Slots in with any equipped Gear Set and or Brand Set item to fulfill a requirement towards unlocking a Gear Set Bonus. Can unlock bonuses from multiple sets simultaneously.

1 Set (Gloves) Petrove Defense Group:

  • +10% LMG Damage
  • +10% Weapon Handling

Core Attributes

Weapon Damage

Gear Attributes

Critical Hit Damage

Critical Hit Chance


Obliterate – Critical hits increase total weapon damage by 1% for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 25 times.




Fixer Drone

Scanner Pulse