Victoria 3 Best Starter Nations

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Victoria 3 is finally here and you’re probably thinking about which nations you should choose to start. So here are our list of the Victoria 3 Best Starter Nations! Btw you’re into other games don’t forget to check our Guides section.

What is Victoria 3?

Victoria 3 is a new grand strategy game from Paradox Interactive. A simulation of 100 years, starting in 1836. Where you can choose any nation and guide them for over 100 years between political, military and economic challenges.

Top 5 Best Starter Nations

Here’s the list of our Top 5 Victoria 3 Best Starter Nations:

#5 – Sweden

victoria 3 sweden

Sweden is a great country to start with, It’s included in the tutorial “How to Play” and geographically you are in a great place to defend yourself and you’ll also start with a personal union with Norway.

#4 – USA

victoria 3 usa

USA is a great country to start with since you’re in a great position to dominate all the north america. Nonetheless, you’ll probably need to have caution with some industrial and political decisions.

#3 – Japanese Shogunate

victtoria 3 japan

Japanese Shogunate is our third choice for a starter nation. Since you’re playing as an island you’ll obviously have natural defenses and also has a strong navy.

#2 – Brazil

victoria 3 brazil

Brazil is our 2nd place pick and it has a lot of opportunities for you to be able to achieve a great campaign. You can set as the main goal to conquer all the South America.

#1 – Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

victoria 3 two sicilies

Our top pick is the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies! You’ll have fertile soils and a very good position to invest in international trading also you can try to unite the two sicilies and becoming Italy.

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