Valorant Agents Explained And Tierlist

In this article we will explain the Valorant Agents and make a tierlist of them! Let’s check it out

Let’s split the agents in 4 categories:

  • Duelists
  • Sentinels
  • Controlers
  • Initiators


Jett: Jett is an agent that has been S tier since the begin of valorant, but that in a recent patch she received a nerf on her dash that made her a bit worse! Still probably the best duelist! Use her to go first in a site when atacking, and play Operator on CT when possible!

Raze: Raze is a solid dueslist, when atacking you should always try to get as much space as you can and then try to entry frag on site! Always use your ult to get a free kill!

Yoru: Before a recent patch where he got buffed, Yoru had nearly 0% use rate on rankeds / pro games! Now he has a bit more use rate in rankeds even tho he is still almost “useless” in pro games. It is hard to master, but if you master it, you can try to play mind games!

Reyna: Reyna might be have one of the highest usage % in rankeds, even tho its not that used in pro play! It is a character used only to frag, and get kills, since you can heal after kills (max 2 each round)!

Neon: Neon is a crazy agent, with almost 0% use rate on rankeds, but that in pro play is well used in a few maps like fracture! Always try to enter a site with Neon’s wall!

´Phoenix: To be honest phoenix might be the worse agent in the game at the moment, nearly 0% usage rate in pro play and rankeds! There is not much to say about him.


Chamber: Chamber is probably the best valorant agent at the moment! You can many creative plays with him, but usualy you should OP when defending, and when atacking you should lurk.

Sage: Not much to say about sage, the best advice is to use your wall only when needed, for exemple to plant the bomb or to retake a site, don’t just put it early in the round, or atleast don’t do it every round!

KillJoy: Killjoy is one of the best agents on defense, to play well with it, try to learn setups on a few maps, and always use your ult to retake or enter a site!

Cypher: Cypher is not much used at the moment, but it is only because the other sentinels are stronger than him, not that he is weak! Still a good agent to play in rankeds!


Sova: Sova was one of the best agents in the game before the nerf he received. But the problem was not realy the nerf, but the fact that Fade is doing his funcion but better!

Fade: Probably the second best agent in the game! Fade has everything an initiator need! Make sure to use your abilities when entering a site! As she is kind of a new agent, we still waiting to see her in pro play!

Skye: Probably one of the most annyoing agents to play against! The best advice is to not forget to heal your mates and use your abilities before entering site.

Breach: The same from skye applies to him! However, in our opinion, Breach is better for defense than skye.

KAY/O: He is out of the meta at the moment, but when playing it, the best advice is to when you ult, go always first, so if you die you can get revived!


Viper: Viper is the best controller for maps like breeze, fracture, icebox but as it does not have smokes, its not that good for other maps!

Omen: Omen is a character that you can be creative with, you can do many type of plays with tp’s and the best advice is to always smoke for your mates to go site, even tho its seems obvious, there are players that spend smokes on nothing.

Brimstone: A Good controler to learn. There are lineups that you can learn aswell and most of the times you will use your ult for post plant, or to get space in site.

Astra: Completely out of the meta. Was the best agent in the game before the nerf, and is now one of the worse.. these is less than 1% players using it in rankeds in past month and not a single top 30 team is using it in any map.

Tier List:

Our Tier List

We finish here, thanks for reading, and check other articles that you might like!