Valheim How to Find Merchant

Players still can’t find him

Valheim has a lot of exploration to be done and eventually throughout your journey you’ll find the need to buy items from the Merchant. However, there’s no fixed location for the Merchant because he’s a random encounter, you can follow a few tips in order to finally find him. Here’s our guide on Valheim How to Find Merchant.

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valheim merchant

How to find the Merchant

Again, there’s no guaranteed way to find him but you can follow a few steps to make it easy to spot him.

  • Explore the Black Forest biome: The merchant is most likely to spawn in the Black Forest biome, so make sure to explore the area thoroughly.
  • Look for a specific landmark: The merchant is usually found near a large stone with a runic inscription on it. This stone is called Haldor’s Stone, and it looks like a large standing stone with glowing runes on it.
  • Listen for his voice: The merchant’s voice can be heard from a distance, so listen for his voice as you explore the Black Forest.
  • Bring coins: The merchant only accepts coins as currency, so make sure to bring some with you when you find him.
  • Keep trying: The merchant is a random encounter, so it may take some time before you find him. Keep exploring the Black Forest biome, and you will eventually come across him.

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