Tips for GeoGuessr

In this article we will give Tips for GeoGuessr! We will not give many details since you have Youtube Videos for it, but we will give all basic tips for beginners!

Road Lines

Yellow Road Lines:

If you see Yellow Road Lines that means that most likely you are not in Europe! The only places in Europe that can have Yellow road lines are Norway (Only in center), UK and Ireland!
USA and Canada can have both yellow and white lines (yellow always in the center)!
Australia and new zeland have can have yellow road lines too!
Finishing, Latin America is the place that almost every country only have yellow Lines! The only country with white road lines there is Chile, that can have yellow lines in the south! They are in a few asia countrys too like new South Korea

White Road Lines:

The opposite, they are around all of europe! If you see white road lines you are most likely are in Europe, however, you can be in North America and Asia too!


You might not know what bollards are, but they are those reflectors that are on the roads as you can see in the picture below.

The exemple in the picture are bollards from either New Zeland or Poland, so if you see them, you know you must be on one of those countrys! Click HERE to find out more about bollards!


This one is simple, but if you don’t clearly see the sun, don’t trust it!
If you see sun in the south, then it means you are on the north hemisphere and if sun its to the north, it means you are in the south hemisphere!

There are infinite tricks that you can use to know what country you are in! These are just the basic tips for beginners on GeoGuessr that want to know basic stuff!

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