The Best Clash Royale Decks (June 2022)

Here you will find out the best clash royale decks (june 2022)! If you are reading this article a week/month later, it might be different.

Valk 3.1

This deck has been in the meta for a quite long time! You basically wanna play the goblin drill and the wall breakers as your win condition and cycling as fast as you can! This deck will not leave the meta very soon!
If you want to learn how to play with this deck, watch THIS VIDEO

Golem EBarbs

Golem is an annoying card to play against, and this new version is good because it counters the best deck in the game right now, that we will talk about later! All those cards can be used to defense and also to offense!

Royale Giant & Skeleton King

Another deck that has been in the meta for a long time, not exactly this deck, but other version of it. Basically here you will try to defend as much as you can and tryna do counter-attacks with skelly king and Royale giant! HERE you an exemple on how to play that deck!

HOG 3 Card Cycle

This deck is in the meta right now for the fact that it is a 3 card cycle, so if you master this deck, if you master its cycle, it will be easy to win most of the matchups. Learn how to play this deck HERE

EGiant Mirror

EGiant mirror is at the moment, the best deck in Clash Royale by far, there is not much to say, you just gotta defend and spam Egiants at the bridge. The comunnity is hating on this deck for being non skillful, so this one will probably get nerfed soon!

This were the top 5 decks, you can create your own version of those decks! Does not need to be the exact same, however, the main cards must be there! Check out other articles!