RimWorld Best Traits 2023

Learn how to choose them!

The best traits in Rimworld can depend on your playstyle and the situation you find yourself in, nevertheless, we’ll let you know our picks for RimWorld Best Traits for 2023. Don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord and if you’re into other games like Project Zomboid check our guides here.

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RimWorld Best Traits for 2023

Here’s our top picks tanking into account the recent updates:

  1. Industrious – This trait increases the speed at which colonists work, making them more efficient and productive.
  2. Tough – Colonists with this trait can take more damage before going down, making them more resilient in combat.
  3. Nimble – This trait increases a colonist’s movement speed, making them more effective at kiting and dodging enemy attacks.
  4. Psychically sensitive – While this trait can have drawbacks, such as susceptibility to psychic drones, it also allows the colonist to use psychic abilities and gain mood buffs from positive psychic events.
  5. Night owl – Colonists with this trait gain a mood boost for being awake at night, which can be useful for maintaining a positive mood.
  6. Green thumb – This trait allows colonists to grow plants faster and more efficiently, which can be especially useful for sustaining your colony’s food supply.
  7. Fast learner – Colonists with this trait gain experience in skills more quickly, making them ideal for training up new recruits.

Of course, these traits are just a few examples of the many different traits available in Rimworld, and which traits are “best” can depend on your specific situation and preferences. It’s often a good idea to try to build a diverse group of colonists with complementary skills and abilities.