Returnal: Tips and Tricks

In this article you will find out some tips and tricks to use on your gameplay for the game “Returnal”!


Returnal is a rogue-like game that has been exploding recently on the market! Let’s now talk about the tips and tricks!

Tips and Tricks

Do not ignore gates:

  • It might be easier to ignore the gates, but unlocking those gates and chests will be good for later in the game!
  • To unlock the gate, most of the times try to look around, and you will see a yellow light, and ou just need to shoot that light to unlock the gate

Listen to the robot!

It’s important to pay attention to Selene’s suit, since if there is any secret nearby, it will start to beep! Those secrets coud be many things but will mainly be walls and chests.

Read before picking up!

Most of the players will pick up items before reading them, without even knowing what they do. You have to know if you are picking up a gun, a consumable, or an artifact! Even more important, you have to know the effects of a malignant item!

Don’t forget where Obolites are!

In Returnal, Obolities are the main source of income. They can be used to purchase items from the Fabricator! You can get them in multiple ways, but mainly from killing enemies.

Use Fabricators and Reconstructors

You can find Fabricators and Reconstructors throughout the game, and they can save you if you find them at the right moment. Reconstructors can be used to respawn in the area where the player dies, even tho you still have to pay Ether.
The Fabricators are basically a shop, that allows the player to buy and sell items that the player might not need anymore. They also give you better stats and abilities at the cost of Obolites!

These were the tips and tricks for returnal! We hope you liked and go and check other articles that you might like!