Reboot Van Locations in Fortnite

Fortnite respawn reboot van locations

Where to find the reboot van at Fortnite

From now on dying during a game of Fortnite no longer necessarily means the end of the game, Epic Games decided to introduce a respawn system practically identical to that of its rival Apex Legends. Added to the map were several special vans called Reboot Van that allow to resurrect eliminated squadmates.

When a player is eliminated, he leaves behind a card that can be picked up by any of his squadmates. Once with him in his possession should go to one of the many reboot vans scattered across the map to resurrect the colleague. The process takes a few seconds, in the end the player reappears at the top of the van without any item.

Rival players who are nearby will be alerted by the truck’s alarm each time someone is reappearing. Below is a map with all known locations of the reboot vans.

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