Radiant Dance Machines Void Hunter Build Destiny 2 S21

Keep dodging

Destiny 2 is in Season 21, where Void and Arc are the meta. Here you can see another void build for Hunter with the Radiant Dance Machines. But if you are looking for an Arc subclass check this with Liar’s Handshake build.

With this void Hunter build you will be invisible all the time. Dodging makes you invisible and recharges your melee when enemies are near. Use melee Quickfall to weaken targets. The exotic Radiant Dance Machines help by giving you more dodges. Keep looping between dodge and Quickfall and get kills in the middle with weapons or grenades. You will generate large amounts of Orbs of Power that activate Devour, Overchild, and replenish your abilities.

Hunter Void Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


Super Ability – Shadowshot: Deadfall

Class Ability –  Gambler’s Dodge

Melee Ability – Snare Bomb

Grenade Ability – Vortex Grenade


Trapper’s Ambush – Activate Quickfall to spend your melee charge and dive to the ground, creating a large smoke cloud on impact, which then dissipates. Targets caught in the cloud are weakened, and allies are made invisible. Your Smoke Bomb makes nearby allies invisible when it attaches to nearby surfaces or targets.

Vanishing Step – Dodging makes you invisible.


Echo of Persistence – All void buffs applied to you have increased duration.

Echo of Starvation – Picking up a Void Breach or an orb of power grants Devour.

Echo of Undermining – Your void grenades weaken targets.

Echo of Harvest – Defeating weakened targets creates orbs of power and Void Breach.

Recommended Gear: Radiant Dance Machines

Radiant Dance Machines build destiny 2

To take advantage of this Hunter build in Destiny 2 S21 it’s essential you keep dodging. To help you with that the Radiant Dance Machines are perfect. These exotic legs give you additional time to make dodges when you dodge newar enemies, and this buff increases by 10 seconds for each enemy you kill.

If you want to take advantage of Volatile Rounds use a void weapon of your choice, SMGs are a good choice.

Recommended Mods for Void Hunter Build

Your main focus is Resilience and Mobility.


  • Void Siphon
  • (Any Ammo Mod)


  • Bolstering Detonation
  • Font of Focus
  • Focusing Strike


  • Charged Up
  • (Any resistance Mod)

Legs (Radiant Dance Machines)

  • Elemental Charge
  • Void Weapon Surge
  • Insulation

Class Item

  • Powerful Attraction
  • Bomber
  • Reaper


  • Unto the Breach
  • Protective Breach
  • Supernova
  • Squad Goals