Outriders Worldslayer – Best Technomancer Build

Have you ever wondered about a good build for Technomancer? In this article, we are going to show you the best Technomancer build you need in Outriders Worldslayer!


For the skills, you need Blighted Turret, Cold Snap and Blighted Rounds.

The Blighted Turret places a turret that deals 2,746 damage and inflicts toxic unto enemies and its health depletes slowly over time and when it takes damage.

The Blighted Rounds fill your current weapon’s magazine with decay-infused bullets that inflict toxic unto enemies, a good debuff if you want to do a lot of damage.

Cold Snap drops a gadget to inflict freeze to all enemies within a large radius around you, being a good skill to slow or freeze them.

If you want to farm bosses and you have the Cannonade node, switch Blighted Turret to Scrapnel, a skill that throws a shrapnel bomb that deals damage and interrupts enemies in the blast radius, for some extra damage.

Pax Points

For the Pax points, go for Brain dead and Dissection, they are good to give you extra weapon damage.

Ascension Points

For the Anomaly Ascension, go for the Anomaly Damage to give you a damage bonus and Status Power for a Status Power bonus.

Then for Brutality Ascension, you need Long Range Damage and Weapon Damage for some extra damage when you attack from a long range distance.

Finally, for Prowess Ascension, go for Cooldown Reduction do reduce your skills’ cooldown, Critical Damage to do more damage when you hit a Critical into an enemy and Damage Against Elites to do more damage when you fight against elites.


For the weapons, you have 2 legendary options, you can have some similar epic weapons but we are going to show you the legendaries.

The first weapon is The Messenger, a legendary weapon that gives a crit and long range damage bonuses. The Dimensional Rockets mod is a very good mod that does a ridiculous damage with the rockets.

Freezing Bullets is also good for The Messenger to inflict freeze at enemies and then Omen, a mod that inflicts bleed and increases damage that enemies receive for 3 seconds.

The second weapon is Inferno Seed, a legendary weapon that also gives crit and long range damage. This weapon with Wrath of Moloch to inflict burn into enemies.


For the armor, you must have 3 or 4 armor pieces of Borealis Monarch to give good bonuses for your skills and weapons and for epics, you always want them with bonus firepower, status power and long range damage.

For any armor you have, try to put To the Bone mod for more Anomaly Damage for the Blighted Rounds.

You can also try to get Veil of the Flame Leper helmet, although it loses long range damage and critical damage but it gives Alchemical Mastery and Radical Therapy, that are also good for the build.

And this is the best build for Technomancer in Outriders Worldslayer! We hope this guide was helpful and also check out other articles!