Outriders Tips for 2023

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Outriders is a game that offers a lot of flexibility in terms of playstyle and loadout options. The best loadouts will depend on your preferred playstyle, the difficulty level, and the type of enemies you’re facing. That being said, here are some popular Outriders Tips for 2023 regarding loadouts. Don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord.

Best Loadout Tips for 2023

These are our Outriders Tips for 2023:

outriders trickster
  • Trickster – The Trickster class is great for close-range combat and has a lot of survivability options. A good loadout for the Trickster includes shotguns or SMGs for up-close damage, and assault rifles or LMGs for mid-range engagements. The Time Rift ability is also very useful for creating a safe zone to heal and recover.
outriders pyromancer
  • Pyromancer – The Pyromancer class is focused on dealing fire damage and can quickly dispatch groups of enemies. A good loadout for the Pyromancer includes weapons with high critical hit chance, such as rifles or pistols, as well as mods that increase fire damage. The Heatwave ability is also very useful for setting enemies on fire and dealing damage over time.
outriders technomancer
  • Technomancer – The Technomancer class is a support class that can heal allies and deal damage from a distance. A good loadout for the Technomancer includes weapons with long-range capabilities, such as sniper rifles or assault rifles, as well as mods that increase damage and healing. The Blighted Turret ability is also very useful for setting up a defensive position and dealing damage to enemies.
outriders devastator
  • Devastator – The Devastator class is a tanky class that can absorb a lot of damage and deal massive amounts of damage up close. A good loadout for the Devastator includes shotguns or assault rifles for up-close damage, and mods that increase armor and health regeneration. The Golem ability is also very useful for absorbing damage and healing, while the Earthquake ability can deal massive damage to enemies in a wide area.

Ultimately, the best loadout for you will depend on your preferred playstyle and the challenges you’re facing in the game. It’s a good idea to experiment with different weapons, mods, and abilities to find what works best for you.

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