Orpheus Rig Void Hunter Build Destiny 2 (S22)

With the new season active in Destiny 2 it’s time to update the builds. Check here a powerful Void Hunter build with the Orpheus Rig. With this, you get your super and abilities back in no time. You will be invisible most of the time and constantly getting volatile rounds and Devour.

If you want to take advantage of the buff given to Hand Cannons this season, check here this powerful Malfeasance build.

void hunter build destiny 2

Hunter Void Abilities, Aspects & Fragments


Super Ability – Shadowshot: Deadfall

Class Ability –  Gambler’s Dodge

Melee Ability – Snare Bomb

Grenade Ability – Vortex Grenade


Vanishing Step – Dodging makes you invisible.

Stylish Executioner – Defeating a weakened, suppressed, or volatile target grants invisibility and truesight. After performing a stylish execution, your next melee attack while invisible weakens targets.


Echo of Starvation – Picking up a Void Breach or an orb of power grants Devour.

Echo of Instability – Defeating targets with grenades grants Volatile Rounds to your Void weapons.

Echo of Cessation – Finisher final blows create a burst of Void damage that causes nearby combatants to become volatile. Defeating volatile targets creates a Void Breach.

Echo of Reprisal – Final blows when surrounded by combatants grant Super energy.

Recommended Gear: Orpheus Rig

For this Destiny 2 Void Hunter build you want to get your Super fast, for that one of the best options is the Orpheus Rig. These exotic legs provide ability energy for each enemy tethered by Deadfall anchors. So the more enemies you get trapped, the more the refunds of the Super. For weapons pick what you like with Void damage.

Recommended Mods for Void Hunter Build

Your main focus is Resilience and Mobility.


  • Void Siphon
  • Ashes to Assets


  • Firepower
  • Grenade Kickstart


  • (Any resistance Mod)


  • Insulation
  • Void Weapon Surge
  • Absolution

Class Item

  • Reaper
  • Bomber


  • Elemental Orbs: Void
  • Communal Pickups
  • Refreshing Pickups
  • Monochromatic Maestro