New Fortnite Season – CH3 S3

Here you will find out what’s new fortnite season – CH3 S3! From Map changes to lootpool changes and everything!

New Biome

With the new season, the map changed and there is now a new biome on the map! With this new Biome, there is a new location called Reality Watterfall. The picture below is that new location New Biome

Reality Sprout

On the reality tree showed above, you can plant a Reality Seed to get a Reality Sprout! With the Reality Sprout, you will get better loot everytime you weed, so you can keep weeding until you get the best loot possible (Mythic)
Open the map to check if your Sprout needs weed and to see its status.


Hamster Balls


After an entire chapter, the Hamster Balls are back! There are many on the map and they changed since the last time they were in the game. They have now more life, and can float in the water!

New Weapons

Two Shot

Two Shot Shotgun

This new weapon is a two shot shotgun that deals around 60 damage on each shot. Overall, we rate this weapon a 5/10! But thats our opinion, you can go in game and test it yourself!

Sniper Rifle

Sniper AR

This is the new Sniper Rifle. Its kind of an Sniper-AR literally a in between of the two! Overall, we rate this a 6/10!

Hammer Assault Rifle

New Assault Rifle

This new AR is a combination of an Assault Rifle and a SMG! It is realy good both long and close range, however, the combat SMG is still better than this AR in close range! Overall we give this a 8/10!

Stormy Condition

stormy condition

This new condition affects more the competitive side of the game, since what this does is: If you stay in storm for 7 minutes in a game, you will start to get damaged 15 Health per second, what kills completely the Qrei Strat that you can find out what it is HERE

Competitive Notes

The only one of this things that will remain in competitive for now its the Stormy Condition, while the 3 new guns are in a test period for competitive! Also some wild animals are in the game aswell!

These are the new things in the new Fortnite season! Hope we helped you and check out other articles that we have!