Light House – Tarkov

In this page is here you will find all the information about the new Escape from Tarkov bosses, the rogues, the spawns and the best places to loot in light house.

Light House Map

Light House Map

With this map, players can find all the places with loot, where PMC’s spawns, scav spawns and where both can extract and more.

The best’s places to loot

Resort and the chalet are the best places to loot in this map, is where players can big military boxes, medical
cases, grandes cases and even safe’s, it’s even possible to find intelligenge and bitcoins.

But be careful because there is 3 spawn close to this 2 places and a lot of people will arrive here as this
is a high loot place.

The Faction “Rogues”

Rogues Place>

Rogues are a faction of ex-USEC operatives in Escape from Tarkov and they have differemt health
values than PMC’s and Scavs. They have in total 770 health stats, 40 head stats, 180 thorax stats,
130 stomach stats, 105 leg and arms stats.

Rogues defend the water treatment plant by patrolling the area and manning emplaced weapons,
they will shot players that come near the plant, but are more tolerant towards USEC PMC’s and
Scav’s and they will shot you on sight if you are a Bear.

The New Bosses in Light House

Light House Bosses

This is a picture off upcoming bosses and they will be in Light House, the developers of the
game didn’t disclosed a lot of information about them. The left one is called
Big Pipe carrys a granede launcher, players still don’t know if they will be able
to pick it up, the one on the middle is called Knight and is armed with a FN SCAR-L 5.56×45
assault rifle and the one on the right is called Birdeye and is carrying a Marksmanship Rifle.