How to Level Up Quickly in Clash Royale

In this article you will find out how to level up quickly in Clash Royale!
Are you angry that you are in 5k trophies and you only play against higher level opponents than you? This is the right article for you!

Begin Of The Game:

When you start an account, there is not much to learn, just play, and only level up the cards that you are gonna use!

After Level 10:

Let’s imagine you are level 10 with level 10/11 cards and you are on 5k trophies, what can you do?

  • Start playing mostly challenges!
  • Do the cards domains in not ranked modes!
  • Upgrade only your deck!
  • If possible play a deck mostly of cummon and rare cards!
  • Clan Wars!

Now, we are gonna explain those tips!

  • Play Challenges: In that case you should play every challenge possible, to gain gold, cards, chests and exp!
  • Cards Domain: Doing the cards domain will give you a bunch of gold, gems, and cards! For sure the best tip out of all!
  • Upgrade only your deck: There is not a big problem on being low level if you have high level cards, so if you are level 11, with cards 13/14 you can easily reach the 5600 trophies mark!
  • Cummon and rare cards: Easier to upgrade
  • Clan Wars: Quite underrated, easy to upgrade your cards!

Reaching Level 13:

When reaching level 13, you already should have your main deck full maximized 14 and you should not think of reaching level 14!

If you already have your main deck maximized, you should start to upgrade other cards that you might want to use in the future!

Here’s our tips for when you are solid level 13:

  • Donate cards (it gives much exp)!
  • Play every challenge!
  • Try to get 6k trophies in ladder!
  • Do not focus on getting 14!
  • Clan Wars!

Reaching Level 14:

When reaching level 14, you start having the chance of having champions, even thought its hard to upgrade them to use on your deck!

What to focus on level 14:

  • Ladder
  • Challenges

And thats it for our article of how to level up quickly in Clash Royale! We hope you liked it and that it helped you! Check our other articles and good luck in the arena!