Fortnite : How to Reach Champions Division in Arena

In this article you will find out how to reach Champions Division in Arena on Fortnite!

HOW To Reach *CHAMPION* Division In Fortnite Chapter 2! - Arena Tips &  Tricks - YouTube

So, first of all, you have to know which one is better to reach Champions Division, Trio Arena, Duo arena or Solo Arena! In the early season, the best one to gain arena points if for sure Duo Arena or Solo Arena! Later de season, when you are already in Champs, its better to play trio!

Then, you have 2 strats that you can use to reach Champions League:

  • Play Safe and for Placement
  • Rush Everyone

Play Safe and for Placement: You will have to mainly hide in bushes and houses! DO NOT MAKE A BASE, because you will get rushed if you do so!

Rush Everyone: Thats mainly how everyone plays arena, if you are kind of a good player and you play competitive fortnite. If you have good mechanics, just w-key everyone and have fun!

What Does the Point System Favor?

The Points system changes on each Division, but if you are on Contender League Div.4 and you are tryna get Champions you should w-key if your playing solo arena, and kinda play placement if you are playing duo or trio, however, you should never play full placement!

Final Notes

Do not be afraid to fight in Arena, if you are afraid in a fight, its easier for your opponent!
Always farm a few mats off spawn, just so you can fight someone in mid-game that will give you a refresh!
Land in a dropspot where not many people land, but there is someone landing, like one duo or two duos at maximum!

So, these were the tips to reach Champions League in Fortnite! We hope that we this tips you reach champions league, and go and check our other articles about fortnite and other games!