Fortnite Arena – Divisions Explained

In this article you will find out how Fortnite Arena works all of the divisons explained and also all its advantages and rewards

Check them out:
Open League
Contender League
Champions League

Open League Divisions (1, 2, 3, 4): 0 – 2k Points

The Open League is made for bad players overall since you don’t lose points on the start of each game and you gain many points per kill. Usually no one gets stuck in this league, because as I said, you can only go up and not down!
– First Division – Open League Division 1 (0–399) Points)
– Second Division – Open League Division 2 (400–799 Points)
– Third Division – Open League Division 3 (800–1,199 Points)
– Fourth Division – Open League Division 4 (1,200–1999 Points)

Contender League Divisions (1, 2, 3): 2k-7.5k Points

The Contender League is where it gets a little harder for the worse players since you start losing points on the start of each game and u get less for kills, however its not that hard to reach Champion league from here, if you are good mechanical player! On reaching this league you are able to compete in a few tournaments but not all of them!
– First Division – Competitors League Division 1 (2,000–2,999 Points)
– Second Division – Competitors League Division 2 (3,000–4,999 Points)
– Third Division – Competitors League Division 3 (5,000–7,499 Points)

Champion League Divisions (1, 2, 3): 7.5k – Ꝏ

Whenever you reach Champion League Division 1, you dont need to play more arena if you want, you are already in champs and you can play champion league tournaments only! You need to be careful, since if you go below the 7.5k, you downgrade to contender league and The last champs division is reached on 15k points, but you can still play from there!
– First Division – Champions League (7,500–9,999 Points)
– Second Division – Champions League (10,000–14,999 Points)
– Third Division – Champions League (15,000+ Points)

Note: The Champion League only tournaments most of them have cash prizes!

And that was Fortnite Arena explained, we will let you an exemple here because it helps on understanding the advantages on each League and we hope u liked the article and good luck!