FIFA 23 Walkout Animation

When you walk through the garden…

Every year people start to open packs like there’s no tomorrow and sometimes it gets frustating to wait and see that the best card is a regular rare gold player. We don’t want you to waste time that can be invested owning noobs so, check the following explaination to understand the FIFA 23 Walkout Animation. Don’t forget to check our Discord too.

Types of Animation

fifa 23 walkout

Before explaining the different animations it’s important to understand which types of animation exists. There are 3 types:

  • Walkout
  • 85-83 Overall
  • <83 Overall

Walkout Animation

fifa 23 walkout animation

There are two things to keep an eye to spot a Walkout. The first and most important thing to spot are the fireworks. Only Walkouts have fireworks at the top so that’s a guarantee. The second thing to keep and eye is the diagonal line at the bottom, if the line is towards your right it means it’s a Walkout.

83-85 Overall

fifa 23 board

The best way to spot a Board is look to the line at the bottom, if it’s towards your left it means that it’s a Board. Also if you look closely the side of the stage still lights up.

<83 Overall

fifa 23 board

If the card is a <83 Overall the animation is pratically the same as the last one, however if you look to the stage side lights they’re are not lighten up.

These is the best way to spot all the pack opening animations and of course the FIFA 23 Walkout Animation. If you’re into FIFA 23 don’t forget to check our FIFA 23 Guides.