Dual Destiny Exotic Mission Symbols Chart Destiny 2

All symbols from the Puzzles

Destiny 2 The Final Shape brings a lot of new things, including some interesting exotics. There is a new Exotic class item that for the first time has 2 perks. This is only unlocked by completing the Dual Destiny exotic mission, after you get the first one it starts to drop into other activities with random possible perks. To help you in this mission where you have all the Dual Destiny symbols numbered.

This mission is like a mini-raid for two players, having some puzzles that require rapid communication between the players, to find the right symbols to shoot. One has to see and describe to the other what symbol he sees and the other needs to find and shoot him.

All of this while the clock is running and enemies surround you. To make things much easier, you have the image with all the symbols numbered below.

All Dual Destiny Symbols

destiny 2 dual destiny symbols

How to unlock the Dual Destiny exotic mission

To get your hands on the new exotic class item you first need to unlock the mission Dual Destiny in Pale Heart. Be aware that this is a two-player job, unfortunately, it is impossible to do it alone, you can always use the fireteam finder. For that, is required to complete all 3 Overthrow in the Impasse, the Landing, and the Blooming. Each time you complete an Overthrow, the message “A Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near…”, then you need to find and kill a Lightbearer Wizard nearby before the next Overthrow starts.

Once all three bosses are defeated a vertical green light beam is shown, marking the location on the map you need to reach. It’s inside a cavern in Refraction with the crystal statue of Savathun, you find an interaction point that will market two new locations on the map, each player goes to one, kills all the enemies, and retrieves a light and darkness orb back to the statue. That’s it, now the Dual Destiny exotic mission become available and can be launched at any time.

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