Dino Storm: Guide to Evolve Fast and Tips

In this article you will find out how to evolve fast in a game called “Dino Storm” The tips that we will give are good for low and high level!

So, How can I evolve fast?

First of all, you gotta be patient! Its not easy to get to lvl 55 without paying and getting the “Dino Storm Plus”, so if you do not have it, to be honest its almost impossible to do it in less than 2 years of grind!

Since the begin, always hunt 4/3 levels above you! So let’s imagine you are level 23, at what area should you go hunt? Area 27, because it will drop 4x each item instaed of 1x ( Only stones do not drop 4x).

Do not rush levels! It is the worse thing you can ever do! If you up to level 20 but you still have you dinossaur/gun and implants/techs lvl 17, it will be very hard for you to recover, because you will not be able to hunt 3/4x above your level!

A Few Tips

When you reach level 50, do a pause of leveling up for like 2/3 months and farm your DD (Dino Dolars) in the Gate Otis and Watkins, where you can find “Smilodons” that are spawning everytime, so you can just farm there!

Focus on upgrading to level 50 first before participating in clan wars. Do not participate in clan wars when you are low level, you are no helping your clan, you are just losing DD and ruining your account!

The Best Dinossaur, Guns, etc that you can have for hunting are the Carnotauros, the Yager gun and then for implants and techs you can use different ones, but mainly use vitality + strength implants and damage + Dino defense techs!

How to get Sheriff?

To get sheriff you have to help your clan and alliance, supplying gates and helping in wars so the leaders can give you fame! In most of the servers there is war going on, so if you are on one of those servers, go and help your clan!
Note: Do not focus on getting fame if you are low level!

This was the guide for Dino Storm, we hope you learned and don’t do mistakes as many people do while upgrading level! Good luck on the hunt and check other articles that you might like!