Diablo 4 Minion Bone Necromancer Build

Summoning is the Way!

There are a lot of different Necromancer Builds but there are only a few viable builds focusing on minions. Here’s our Diablo 4 – Minion Bone Necromancer Build and don’t forget to check our Reddit and Discord and if you’re into other games like Project Zomboid check our guides here.

diablo 4 build

Gear & Skills

diablo 4 necro gear skills

Starting with the most important thing in your build are aspects. Considering the different bonus given by the amulet and your weapon, you should go with something like this:

  • Helm: Viscous Aspect
  • Chest Armor: Aspect of the Protector
  • Gloves: Unyielding Commander’s Aspect
  • Pants: Aspect of Hardened Bones
  • Boots: Blood Getter’s Aspect
  • Weapon: Aspect of Reanimation
  • Amulet: Aspect of Frenzied Dead
  • Rings: Splintering Aspect & Aspect of Grasping Veins

Regarding Gems you should focus on getting Critical Chance to Vulnerable Enemies, Damage Reduction while Controlled Impaired and Armor.

diablo 4 necro gear skills 2

This is a pretty easy setup and when fighting you should focus on spamming Raise Skeletons and Bone Spear. The first one to keep your skeletons alive and the Bone Spear for Damage Output.

diablo 4 necro gear stats

This is an example of what stats you should use on each piece but fell free to test a different combination, however don’t forget to use Total Armor and Maximum Minion Life.

Skill Tree

diablo 4 necro skill tree
diablo 4 necro skill tree 2
diablo 4 necro skill tree 3
diablo 4 necro skill tree 4

There’s not much to say about the skill tree just try to grind enough renown to unlock all the skills points available.

Paragon & Glyphs

diablo 4 necro paragon
diablo 4 necro paragon 2
diablo 4 necro paragon 3
diablo 4 necro paragon 4
diablo 4 necro paragon 5
diablo 4 necro paragon 6

This build utilizes the following six glyphs, which are leveled to 15 in the following order:

  • Deadraiser
    This glyph is actually slotted in the second board, but it’s by far the most important glyph to get to level 15 as soon as possible, ideally no later than character level 70.
  • Exploit
    So long as minions continue to inherit 100% of the necromancer’s vulnerable stat, Exploit will be the second most important glyph to level.
  • Mage
    Skeletal mages are the build’s largest source of damage, so scaling them before the other minions is a priority.
  • Warriors
    Skeletal warriors are the second highest source of damage and are thus next.
  • Golem
    The final minion glyph to be scaled. As a more thematic-than-effective choice, any of the following glyphs can be taken instead:
    ++ Blood-Drinker, Territorial, Undaunted (variants)
    All good defensive options for builds that want to be a bit tankier.
    ++ Amplify (variant)
    A strong offensive option that still benefits the minions, albeit it has very little benefit against bosses.
  • Control
    Even though this slots into the first board, it has diminished usefulness for minions beyond the ‘Additional Bonus’ which doesn’t require the glyph to be leveled.

Hope you like it, feel free to check our guides on similar games like The Division 2.