Borderlands 3 – Weapons Manufacturers

There are a lot of Borderlands 3 Manufacturers so we decided to help you decide which weapons you should use. Check our guide about Borderlands 3 – Shift Codes.

Manufacturer Special traits Aesthetics
  • Weapons outside of rifles are wrist-mounted and joystick-operated
  • Projectiles tend to be slow
  • Vast majority of weaponry possesses alt-fire modes that involve tagging targets; projectiles launched will home onto marked enemies, allowing for shots to be fired over cover and around corners and compensating for slow bullet speeds
  • Always non-elemental, with a few exceptions
  • Uniform / Dual color scheme of Red/White/Black
  • Futuristic designs based on space vehicles in science fiction
  • Fins that open up when firing
  • Unusual naming style based on technological code names
  • Draws ammunition directly from reserve ammo pool
  • When switched to, has a short startup time before they can be fired
  • Risks overheating if weapons are fired continuously for too long (different animations are played upon overheating, ranging from breaking off the barrel and replacing it to cooling down weapon with a water gun)
  • Relatively average stats, though not to the extent of Bandit or Scav
  • Clunky build made of salvaged parts, including gun parts, duct tape and bottles
  • Spikes and glowing accessories
  • Bright colors and/or paint splatter aesthetic
  • Misspelled cult-like names
  • High stability (low recoil)
  • High base accuracy
  • Can toggle between automatic, semi-automatic and burst fire (most guns have two alt firing modes depending on its parts)
  • Burst and semi-automatic fire feature higher zoom magnifications and increased base damage
  • Military-style camouflage
  • Modern under-barrel attachments (ie: V-grip, Laser Sight)
  • Army/predatory animal naming scheme
  • Low recoil
  • High accuracy buildup with consecutive shots
  • Aiming down sights deploys a front-facing shield which sometimes has extra effects (bullet reflection, bullet absorption either back into weapon magazine or to amplify weapon damage on next shot)
  • Long angular/polygonal shapes
  • Single horizontal stripes of strong color
  • Wings that open up while firing
  • Motorized magazines which get bulkier the smaller the gun is
  • Corporate naming scheme
  • High damage and accuracy
  • Extremely high recoil
  • Always non-elemental, apart from some uniques and legendaries
  • Critical hits ricochet the bullet to a nearby enemy
  • Hidden critical hit bonus [*]
  • Majority are semi-automatic with high potential fire rates
  • Shotguns always pump-action or single-shot, sniper rifles always bolt action
  • Unique prefixes that can turn assault rifles into full-auto Gatlin’s or assault rifles/pistols into shotgun-like Mashers
  • High-quality wood and metal parts
  • Wild West/Rustic styled guns
  • Wild West slang naming scheme
  • Always elemental
  • High elemental effect chance
  • Weapons often require charge time before firing; some have no charge time while some allow charging to increase damage
  • Most weapons have alt-fire buttons which switch elements or in rare cases the nature of the projectiles fired
  • Unique barrels that alter the gun’s firing style (eg. Laser smg/pistols or shockwave-style shotguns)
  • Elemental splash damage on some guns
  • Futuristic, curved shapes
  • Bright contrasting colors
  • Mecha styled components
  • Unconventional magazine design
  • Poetic naming style
  • Below-average stats overall
  • Reloads involve throwing firearm like a grenade to reload (All remaining ammunition in magazine is discarded)
  • Thrown firearms will explode after some time, or on impact with enemy or ground (The damage of these features is increased by how much ammunition was still in the magazine of the thrown weapon)
  • Various reload throw mechanisms based on parts, ranging from homing, MIRV, bouncing, firing while thrown, increased splash radius when shot, and even walking turrets
  • Boxy shape
  • Drab colors to Fibreglass casing
  • Plastic feel
  • Bullpup design
  • Stenciled brand name and hologram
  • Budget-like naming scheme
  • Pixel firing sounds as the magazine is emptied
  • Guns vocalize when thrown
  • High damage [*]
  • Slow explosive projectiles instead of bullets
  • Alt-fire mode fires projectiles as sticky bombs; sticky bombs gradually increase in damage as more are attached to the same target
  • Sticky bombs detonate on reload, after a set time, or after enough land on one target
  • Bulky barrels
  • Noisy inner mechanisms
  • Sexually suggestive/explosive naming theme
  • Hot Rod build (sometimes with engines/exhausts)
  • Warhead/Bomber plane-based color schemes
  • High rate of fire (and therefore high ammo consumption)
  • Some barrels increase rate of fire as the trigger is held
  • Below average damage-per-shot and reload speeds
  • High recoil reduction
  • Alt-fire modes utilize under-barrel mounted weapons (i.e. additional barrels, bipods rockets, tasers, etc.)
  • Weapons styled after russian firearms (anti-material rifles, Tokarev/Makarov bodies)
  • Mass-produced wood/metal aesthetic
  • Black/silver bodies and urban/desert camouflage
  • Revolutionist term naming scheme
  • Holographic ammo indicator
Weapon Atlas Dahl Hyperion Jakobs Maliwan S&S Munitions Tediore Torgue Vladof
Assault Shotgun X X X X
Combat Rifle X X X
Combat Shotgun X X X X X
Machine Gun X X X X
Machine Pistol X X X
Repeater Pistol X X X X X X X X
Revolver X X X X X
Rocket Launcher X X X X
Semi-auto Sniper Rifle X X X X
Pump-action Sniper Rifle X X X X
Submachine Gun X X X X X