Best Weapons in V Rising

Have you ever thought what weapon you should use in this vampiric world? In this article, we are going to show you the best weapons in V Rising!

5 – Mace

Mace is the slowest weapon in the game, but does a massive damage per strike. It’s a weapon that goes well against slow foes but struggles against quick ones, and can often leave the player vulnerable. The Crushing Blow skill is a very powerful and potent AoE skill that traps enemies in place, and the Smack skill will send enemies flying, giving you a chance to attack, heal or retreat.

4 – Axe

Axes are weapons that are slower than other weapons, but they do a lot of damage. the Frenzy skill is a powerful attack that triggers short-term movement and attack speed buffs and X-Strike is a ranged attack that can slow or even incapacitate enemies if both Axes hit them.

3 – Spear

The Spear is a solid PvP choice for being clearly meant for fighting single enemies, stabbing attack patterns and skills are mainly effective when there is a single target. A Thousand Spears skill unleashes a barrage of attacks that knocks targets over, while the Harpoon skill is a ranged attack that drags the target in your direction.

2 – Sword

This weapon is the first weapon you obtain in the game and it’s a very balanced weapon that balances speed, power and versatility. The Whirlwind attack is decent for giving a good AoE damage to enemies and Shockwave is great for hitting single targets with powerful combos.

1 – Slasher

Slashers don’t have a massive DPS, but they have a good attack speed and various kinds of impairments that gives you control over the battlefield. With the Camouflage skill that lets you go invisible and the Elusive Strike skill that lets you cut at foes rapidly while slowing them gives you a better flanking when battling.

So these were the best weapons in V Rising! If you want to see the previous article about the game, click here to go to the previous guide! Also, check out other articles!