Best Team Comps in Apex Legends Season 12

Have you and your teammates lose a lot because of how bad your comps are? No worries because here you will find out the best team comps you can use in Apex Legends Season 12!

Gibraltar, Valkyrie and Bloodhound

Comp 1

These agents go pretty well together because Gibraltar provides the defensive capabilities you need to survive any teamfight with his shields. Valkyrie gives you map possibilities, since her ultimate makes you and your teammates go up in the sky and skydive to other position, being very useful to repositioning or chasing enemies. Bloodhound provides the intelligence and tracking capabilities to understand the map situation and where enemies are during team fights.

Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Wraith

This option is like the previous comp but with Wraith taking place of Valkyrie, allowing to your team to rotate using her portals.
Valkyrie is better for early game rotations while Wraith is better for end-game fights, since she can combine her ultimate with her tactical that lets her becone invisible for some seconds to reposition your team around the final circle, so she is better than Valkyrie overall.

Gibraltar, Caustic and Lifeline

This comp is a very defensive and sustainable one. this comp might be an issue at higher ELOs in ranked because of the lack of team intelligence, this comp is just hard to beat at mid and low ELOs. With Gibraltar using his defensive and tanky abilities, while Caustic can control areas using his gas traps and Lifeline with her healing abilities, eliminating this comp is very difficult.

Gibraltar, Crypto and Ash

This comp is a interesting alternative to run Bloodhound and Valkyrie/Wraith. Crypto can use his drone to see where the enemies are and to be able to blow an EMP blast to disable traps and slow enemies, while Ash can offer a pretty strong and fast rotations for late circles and adds a bonus of being able to spot death boxes.

Gibraltar, Caustic and Valkyrie

The last comp is amazing for map control. You gain significant levels of map control since you can use Gibraltar for defending with his shield with the gas traps for area control and using Valkyrie to rotate somwhere.

And this were the best comps to use in Apex Legends Season 12! Hope you liked the article and check out other articles!