Best Beginner Classes in Wakfu

Wakfu is a 2D Free to Play Strategy MMORPG where you create your character and go on an adventure alone or with friends! In this article, we are going to show you the best classes for new players in Wakfu!

6 – Cra

Cra is a good class for beginners that will play alone for a long time. This class is similar to any bow class in any other MMORPG, where your attacks are always long-ranged. Also, Cras have abilities that lower the enemies’ movement points to get far from them so that they are able to attack. Overral, if you like to play alone or if you like long-ranged classes, this class is for you.

5 – Sacrier

Sacrier is a perfect tank for beginners that like big chunky health and armor and pulling or pushing enemies and allies. Sacriers are one of the best classes overall for their tanking and their damage that is also amazing compared to other tank classes.

4 – Ecaflip

If you’re a person that likes gambling or has a lot of luck on everything, this class is for you. Ecaflip uses the power of gambling to attack enemies or also heal allies with their luck skills. It also can control the battlefield with a few skills for that. With Ecaflip, you can be a lucky damage dealer or a lucky healer, so it’s up to you to decide.

3 – Ouginak

Ouginaks are similar to “Hunters”, where they follow their prey and finally hunt them. They are another beginner class that can tank, but they are also good as a damage dealer. Ouginaks are good to slow enemies, reduce their movement points and even catching their enemies to get them closer. If you like to hunt enemies, this class is the right choice for that.

2 – Sram

Srams are good to attack single targets and reducing movement or action points. They are similar to “Assassins” because of their huge damage but small health. Srams also can create clones to confuse enemies and even teleport behing enemies to deal some extra damage, so if you like to flank your enemies, this is a perfect choice.

1 – Masqueraider

The last class is the Masqueraider. Players that choose this class have two choices: Turning into an amazing damage dealer or turning into a useful healer. With their mask changing skills, they have a lot of bonuses behind them and with those bonuses, they are capable to deal bonus damage or bonus healing, depending of the mask. Overall, this class is very useful for either damage or healing.

And these were the best beginner classes in Wakfu! We hope this article is helpful and also check out other articles!