Ark Survival Evolved – Top 5 Starter Dinos for Beginners

Top 5 Starter Dinosaurs for Beginners to tame

Ark Survival Evolved maps are filled with wild dinosaurs of all sizes and shapes that we can tame. Each one has unique characteristics and abilities that will be useful in different situations, if you are now starting to play then here we leave the list with the 5 starter dinosaurs that you must tame to be able to evolve quickly, don’t forget to also check our guide of Ark with the first steps for beginners.


This little carnivore is undoubtedly one of the most irritating and a headache for beginners, likes to spit poison in the face leaving us blind for a few seconds. The truth is that Dilo is relatively weak so it is easy to tame, just a few stones with the slingshot to send it down and if we have the ball to immobilize it is perfect. Dilophosaur cannot be mounted but can accompany us into the dangerous world of Ark and serve as a small bodyguard to deal with other Dilos or small animals, or to give us time to escape while he is being eaten by others. On the other hand you can put some items in your inventory so it can serve as a cargo mule and of course also help hunting.


Pteranodon is the best known flying dinosaur, it is quite common in Ark and will never cause us problems. Flying dinosaurs are very useful, with them we can move quickly around the map in search of new resources and places, and moving through the air is usually safer than by land. Pteranodon should then be a priority for any player, luckily when attacked he will not respond back, he just runs away so we have to immobilize them with the ball when they are on the ground. Then just a few stones with the slingshot or tranquilizer arrows to send him down and give him raw meat to be ours, depending on the server it is likely that some narcotics are needed. Finally, just equip it with a Saddle to start flying on it, the Pteranodon is one of the fastest flights but carries less weight and has less stamina than the Argentavis (Eagle) for example, beware that when the stamina ends the dino will land automatically, if we are under water, we must jump in an emergency to prevent it from drowning.


Another well-known dinosaur that is very common on most Ark Survival Evolved maps and certainly one of the favorites of the players who are just starting out. This is a little more complicated to tame because it can kill us easily, either with the slingshot or tranquilizer arrows we have to keep our distance, luckily it is slow, avoid pointing to the head which is where it is most resistant. The Trike manages to extract far more berries from the bushes than we do manually, so it is perfect for farming Narcoberries that we will need so much for Narcotics and subsequently tranquilizer arrows, it is also good for picking Tatch from the trees. It is able to carry a large amount of weight which is very useful when taking Stone, Metal and other heavy items to our base. Triceratops has a good defense and can cause considerable damage if evolved, it is good both for protection when used as a mount and to defend the base in our absence, the cons are slow and low stamina.


It is very important to have a carnivore, it will make life a lot easier when it comes to getting meat, Hide, Keratin and Chitin hunting other animals. It’s extremely fast and deadly and will make other players think twice about assaulting the base. Scrolling the map with it becomes much safer and faster. You need to be prepared to catch this dino, tranquilizer arrows are mandatory, the ball is ideal for immobilizing it. The safest thing is to set up a provisional structure as a trap (Taming pen) to trap it and that you can reach it from the outside.


You must be wondering why this dinosaur is on our list because at first glance it seems to be useless, in fact it is not for defense, much less for attack and not even for carrying things. However Lystrosauros has a very useful skill, it gives an experience bonus to all our dinosaurs that are close to him, and if in Ark Survival Evolved it is important to raise the level of our character it is equally important to raise the level of our dinosaurs. Just get to him, go to Pet in the options for him to jump for joy and for a short period of time you get the XP bonus. Lystrosauros has a passive tame so you put Rare Flowers or berris in the last slot of the quick menu and we approach it to feed it a few times until it is ours.